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I spend a lot of my free time scouting for places that fit my style, but if you have a project in mind and would like me to do it, we should talk !

I usually take pictures early morning as it is the best time for light and privacy. I usually take pictures outside so if on the scheduled date the weather is not on our side, it is best to reschedule.

 If you wish to meet before our shooting, that's totally possible ! Just get in touch with me and we will try to arrange something.

✼ Basic offer

£140 for 1/1,5hours together. You will get around 50 pictures within 3 days with basic editing - light, colour, contrast. Unlimited choice of outfits and asanas, 1 location.

✼ Film photography

£150 for 1/1,5 hours together. I will use my analog camera with which I take most of my pictures. You will get unique results - about 20 pictures delivered within a week. Check the yoga section on my website, most pictures are taken on film ! Unlimited choice of outfits and asanas, 1 location.

✼ Mixed medias

£200 for 2/2,5 hours together. I will take my DSLR and my film camera. You will get around 50-75 pictures. The digital ones will be available within 3 days, whereas the analog ones will need about a week to be processed. Unlimited choice of outfits and asanas, 2 locations possible.

✼  Groups and studios

If you are looking to promote your space or your yoga studio, this is the offer for you ! For £300 we will spend about 3 hours together. You will get pictures of your space and your team. Around 50-100 pictures available within 3 days. Digital camera only. Price set for a team of 4 people.

Please note there is an additional charge of £80 per extra person for all of these offers.

Can't find a package that suits you ? Please get in touch and we will talk about something tailored to your needs !

Architecture and property

✼ Basic offer

£150 per property or project. Pictures will be delivered within 2 days.

✼ Full day (8 hours)

£500 for me to hit as many locations as possible. Pictures delivered within 3 days.

I work with natural light although I can bring some lights on request for an additional cost.

Travel cost within London zone 3 is included as well as basic editing.

If you can't find a package that suits your needs please get in touch !

Events and lifestyle

The daily rate is £500 and you will get around 50-100 pictures delivered within 3 days. 

Travel cost within London zone 3 is included as well as basic editing.

If your event is longer than 2 days then the price will decrease, please get in touch so we can chat about a quote that suits your needs !

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